Unintended consequences

As I work on yet another page of this website, I can't help but think about "unintended consequences."  When I started turning pens a few years ago, I didn't have a master plan. I didn't have a plan at all.  I just started turning because it was challenging and creative and new and mostly because it was fun.  Now I find myself creating very specific and very personal turned objects that carry meaning far beyond the effort that I can put into the piece.  That's pretty amazing.  

I'm currently working on a new page for this website called "Custom Shop" or something equally contrived.  Really, I'm hoping to reach out to people who might have an idea about a very specific something that truly resonates with the receiver of the gift.  I can make pens all day long that I love, but what I really want to do is make a pen that you love. Or someone you love is going to love.  

Coming soon is my "Custom Shop" page.  Or we can name it something else.  Any ideas?  On this page we can talk about what you want and what I can do. And unintended consequences!